Best-One Lines Urdu Captions for Instagram - Text (copy and paste)

Best-One Lines Urdu Captions for Instagram Images SMS Copy-paste

Whether you are looking for some captions for your own images in English Translated or have a friend or family member who needs some ideas for captions, this list of short and sweet things to say in Urdu will hopefully inspire you. This list is sure to be added over time, so come back again if you don't see what you need at the moment.

Best-One Lines Urdu Captions for Instagram-Images-SMS - Post Thumbnil
Urdu Captions 2022

Urdu Sad and Love Inspiration Captions are very important in our daily life and even on Instagram. Caption Means 1 Word Many Lines meaning. Here we are providing the best lines captions. Urdu bio for Instagram (copy and paste) Yes, reading a good caption makes your mood happy and so you should read the caption.

The Best-One Lines Urdu Captions for Instagram-Images - 2022 (Copy-Paste)

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Best-One Lines Urdu Captions for Instagram-Facebook, etc more social media 2022
Best-One Lines Urdu Captions

زندگی ہم سے اور ہم زنگی سے
 بھا گ رہی ہے

Zindagi hum se bhag rahi hai aur hm zindagi se.

  • Life is running away from us and we are running away from life.

amazing Best-One Lines Urdu Captions for Instagram-Images
Deep Urdu Captions

دل کا کیا ہے، وہ چاہے گا مسلسل ملنا

Dil ka kya hai wo chahe ga musalsl milna.

  • What is in the heart, he will want to meet constantly


100 Best Sad Captions For Instagram About Sadness urdu 2023
Captions for Instagram

بہت کچھ دل میں آتا ہے مگر اب کہنا نہیں آتا

Bht kch dil main aata hai magar ab kehna nahi ata.

  • A lot comes to mind but now I can't say.

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Captions for Instagram 2023

کیا تماشہ ہے، کب سے جاری ہے

Kya tamasha ha? Kab se jari hai.

  • What a spectacle, since when.

Deep one-lines Urdu Captions collection
Facebook Story

کسی نظر کوتیرا انظار آج بھی ہے

Kis nazar ko tera intzar aj bhi hai.

  • A look is still waiting for you today.

Instagram SAd Captions Urdu Copy Paste
Alone Shayari Captions Urdu

کسی کی جان جاتی ہے کسی کا کُچھ نہیں جاتا

Kisi ki jan jati hai kisi ka kuch nahi jaata.

  • Someone's life goes, and Nobody cares.


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Deep Lines In Urdu

منئتیں پوری ہو یا نہ ہو، مُرشد نہیں بدلے جاتے

Mantain puri hon ya na hon, murshid nahi bdle jate.

  • Murshid is not changed whether the promises are fulfilled or not.

alone Sad Urdu Captions - For Instagram
Alone Captions 2023 Photos

جو لوگ خُد سے بھاگتے ہیں، وہ لوگ کہاں جاتے ہیں

Jo log khud se bhagte hain wo kahan jate hain.

  • Where do those who run away from themselves go?

Urdu Captions - For Instagram copy and images download
best sad captions in Urdu

وہ شخص اپنی ضد میں مجھے گنوا گیا

Wo shakhs apni zid main mujhe ganwa gya.

  • That man lost me in his stubbornness.

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Sad Captions in Urdu 2023

میرے باد کس کو ستاؤ گے

Mere bad kis ko stao ge?

  • Who will bother you after me?


urdu captions in urdu writing images 2022
Captions in Urdu pics Dpz

لمبی ہے غم کی شام مگر شام ہی تو ہے

Lambi hai ghum ki sham magar shaam hi tou hai.

  • The evening of grief is long but it is evening.

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One Lines Urdu Captions

مجھے دلوں سے محبت اُتر جانے سے خوف آتا ہے

Mujhe dilon se muhabat k uth jane se khof ata hay.

  • I am afraid that love will fall from my heart.

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One Lines Urdu Captions for Instagram

یہ دل شاموں سا ہوگیا ہے

Ye dil shamon sa ho gya ha.

  • This heart has become like evening.

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Urdu Captions for Instagram

دل جلانے کی بات کرتے ہو

Dil jalane ki baat krte ho.

  • Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds - d'oh!


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One Line Urdu Captions for Instagram 2023

خواب ہو تم یا کوئی حقیقت

Khawab ho tum ya koi haqeeqat.

  • You are a dream or a reality.

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Instagram Urdu poetry

جیتے ہیں سب یہاں اپنے لئے

Jeete hain sb yahan apne liye.

  • Everyone lives here for themselves.

Best 75 Urdu Captions For instagram In 2022 - One-Line 2o22
Deep Shayari For Instagram

آمل جائیں دونوں شاموں کی طرح

Aa mil jayen dono shamon ki tarah.

  • Let's meet on both evenings.

100+ Best One Line Urdu Captions For Instagram 2022
1 line of Instagram poetry

لوگ محبت نہیں محبتیں کرتے ہیں

Log Mohabbat Nahi Mohabtain Krne Lge Hain.

  • People don't love...


What is a good caption for my picture? here exmple
One-Lines Urdu Sad Captions for Instagram

محبت اور موت پورا انسان طلب کرتی ہے

Mohabat or moat pura insaan talb krti hai.

  • Love and death demand the whole of man.

Urdu Captions - For Instagram, Facebook, Copy and Paste images
Best 2022 Captions for Instagram

چپ چپ بکھرنا ہے تماشہ نہیں کرنا

Chup chap Bikhrna hai tamasha Nahi Karna.

  • To scatter quietly is not to entertain.

new Life Poetry - Urdu Captions & Urdu Quotes 2022
Sadness Urdu Captions for Instagram

راہ چلتے چلتے کوئی خواب ملا تھا

Raah chalte koi khawab mila tha.

  • I had a dream while walking.

Instagram Quotes In Urdu Copy Paste - Captions
1 Lines Urdu Captions for Instagram

ٹوٹی ہے میری نیند مگر تم کو اس سے کیا.

Tooti hai meri neend magar tumko is se kya.

  • My sleep is broken, but what about you?

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