Best Attitude Poetry, Shayari 2 Lines In urdu 2022

The Best Attitude Poetry, Shayari  2 Lines In Urdu

Attitude poetry in 2 lines is ideal to share with your friends. You will love reading and sharing these attitudes Shayari while spending time at coffee shops, bus stops, and during travel. These are the 2-line Attitude that makes a Powerful Day.

2 Lines Attitude Shayari, Poetry Joker On Image 2022

Attitude Poetry, Shayari  2 Lines In urdu - Joker background Picture
Attitude Poetry

تراش لیا ہے خود کو، اس ادا سے
بھاڑ میں جاۓ دنیا، میری بلا سے

Trash Leya Hay Khod Ko, Is Ada Say
Bhar main Jayaa Log Mari Bla Sy.

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