Alone Shayari in Urdu (Copy-Paste) Sad poetry 2023

The Best Alone Shayari in Urdu (Copy-Paste)

Alone Shayari in Urdu is the best way of expressing your feelings and letting people know about their feelings. Nowadays there are many sad poetry lovers who are coming up with new and different sad words to describe/their sadness or some other people's sadness.

2 Lines Alone Shayari in Urdu 2023

Alone Shayari in Urdu (Copy-Paste) Sad poetry 2022
Alone Shayari in Urdu

وقت کی چند ساعتیں ساغر
لوٹ آئیں توکیا تماشا ہو

Waqt Ki Chand Saatien Saghar
Lot Ayin Tou Kia Tamasha ho.

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