2 line urdu poetry copy-paste - Urdu Shayari

Two-line Urdu poetry copy-paste - Urdu Shayari 2022

Urdu Poetry is one of the most beautiful and entertaining kinds of writing as well. The immense beauty of Urdu poetry is that it invokes a range of emotions in its readers. 

Such poetry which is full of feeling and passion strikes a chord with the heartstrings and makes people feel like they have an empty space in their hearts.

Best Urdu Poetry SMS and Picture 2022

2 line urdu poetry copy paste - Urdu Shayari
Urdu poetry copy-paste

سمجھ کر رحم دل تم کو دیا تھا ہم نے دل اپنا
مگر تم تو بلا نکلے، غضب نکلے، سِتم نکلے

Samjh kar rehmdil tum ko diya tha Dil apna
Magr Tum tou bala niklay, Ghazab niklay, Sitm niklay.

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