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Zindagi Shayari in Urdu Consists Of Two Lines, Many Poets Have Written Poetry about the Aspect Of Beautiful Moments Of Life, In There Are Poets From All Over The World Like Mirza Ghalib Mir Taqi Mir - and John Elia On The Front Page. 

Many Unknown Poets Have Written Beautiful Lyrics And Poems Of Praise But No One Knows Their Names.

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Life is a journey full of beautiful moments, both good and bad. It can be a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences. Poetry is a great way to express those feelings and convey our unique perspectives on the world.

Zindgi poetry is a special type of poetry that expresses the beauty, joys, sorrows, and struggles of life. It can be a powerful tool to explore our innermost thoughts and feelings. Whether it's about love, family, friendship, work, or any other aspect of life, Zindgi poetry captures the true essence of living and provides us with a platform to reflect on our lives and the world around us.

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Zindagi Urdu Shayari

 جو گزاری نہ جا سکے
 ہم نے وہ زندگی گزاری ہے

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Jo Guzari Na Ja Sake
Humne Wo Zindagi  Guzari Hai.


Alone Girl Feel sadness POetry Urdu-zindagi shayari
Sad poetry images

جو لوگ موت کو ظالم قرار دیتے ہیں
 خدا ملائے انہیں زندگی کے ماروں سے

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Jo Log Maut Ko Zalim Karar Dete Hain
Khuda   Milaen  Unhen Zindagi Ke Maro Se.

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life Urdu Poetry

 یوں تو مرنے کے لیے زہر سبھی پیتے ہیں
 زندگی تیرے لیے زہر پیا ہے میں نے

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Yah To Marne Ke Liye Jahar Sabhi Pite Hain
 Zindagi Tere Liye Zahar Piya Hai Maine.

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Zindagi Shayari thought image

 زندگی تو نے مجھے قبر سے کم دی ہے زمین

 پاؤں پھیلاؤ تو دیوار میں سر لگتا ہے

Roman-Urdu Poetry SMS Copy

Zindagi Tune Mujhe Qabar Se Kam Di Hai Zamai

Paon Phalon To Deewar Mein Sar Lagta Hai.

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