Yah Naye Zamane Ki Muhabtain Hain - Fake Love 2024

Yah Naye Zamane Ki Muhabtain Hain - Very Sad Poetry in Urdu Images With Text Message

(Naye Zamane Ki Muhabtain) These are the loves of the new age, this is an age when a woman is humiliated in the name of love, but the love of this age also includes the desire to humiliate the woman herself.

They were far away which distance was called love, in this day and age if the beloved is not in bed then there is no love but it is labeled as infidelity.

This is how we have collected today's poetry, which you will be convinced by reading, you can also download this poetry and you must do it. So that it can reach more people.

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(Fake Love)
Everything *Fake*

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verry sad poetry in urdu 2024
Yah Naye Zamane Ki Muhabtain Hain - Very Sad Poetry

یہ نئے زمانے کی محبتیں ہیں
ملاقات کے بعد غسل لازم ہے

بات تو سچ ہے مگر بات ہے رسوائی کی
-parveen Shakir

Roman Urdu Poetry


Yah naye Zamane Ki muhabtain Hain
Mulakat ke baad "gusal" Lazm hai.

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