Very Sad Poetry in Urdu Status - Anxious life

The Very Sad Poetry in Urdu Status - Anxious life

Sad status and poetry for boys and girls - poetry based on sad, dark, and touching topics. In English, Urdu, this status is being changed on a daily basis on different themes or stories. When you look at it with a bold face, it also kills your sense of humor.

This is very sad poetry in Urdu status - anxious life to make you feel the pain of stress and the burden of life that always comes to you with a heavy heart,
The real beauty of life is its sorrows, it is also a kind of test.

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very sad poetry in urdu status - fed up with this state of life-Sad boy poetry status
Sad Poetry in Urdu

I am fed up with this state of life
Kill me and throw me away!

Sad Poetry SMS Copy-paste In Urdu Roman-Urdu

Tang a Gaya Hun Main  Is Haal-E-Zindagi Say
Aa Kahin  Maar Kay Fenk Daay mujhe.

تنگ آگیا ہوں میں اس حالِ زندگی سے
آکہیں مار کے پھینک دے مجھے

Thanks for reading & I hope you liked all my poems. Please comment your thoughts here if you liked it or want to share your poetry, I will be happy.
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