Very Sad Heart-touching Poetry in urdu - ishq Shayari 2024

Very Sad Heart Touching Poetry in Urdu Images & Text Copy

You will find poetry full of love and pain on our website. Where there is love there is sorrow and grief. Whenever there is love, there are always difficulties. Sometimes love overcomes all difficulties and wins, sometimes painless love kills a man but love still lives. 

When there is love, no one else is sought. The lover saves his beloved from the cruel times of the world.

Broken Heart Poetry In Urdu Images - Sad Poetry SMS Copy

very sad heart touching poetry in urdu - ishq heart broken poetry - Mirza Ghalib
Mirza Ghalib Sad Poetry

 عشق نے غالب نکما کر دیا

 ورنہ ہم بھی آدمی تھے کام کے

Ishq Shayari Urdu Copy Text


Ishq Ne Ghalib Nikamma Kar Diya

Warna Hum Bhi Aadmi the Kaam Ke.


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ishq heart broken poetry - sad lines In urdu 2024
 Ishq heartbroken poetry

 نہ عشق نہ کوئی غم
 دیکھو کتنے خوش ہیں ہم

Urdu Heart-Tuching SMS Poetry


Na Ishq Na Koi Gam
Dekho kitne Khush Hain Ham.


muhabbat ka faslaa poetry in urdu- very Sad poetry
Mohabbat ka Fasla poetry in Urdu

 ہمارے درمیان کچھ تو ہے
 چلو فاصلہ ہی سہی

Muhabbat Ki Baat Urdu Poetry SMS Copy


Hamare Darmiyan Kuch To Hai
Chalo Fasla Hi Sahi.

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