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If you are searching for the 2 Line Love Shayari in Urdu or 2 Line Love Shayari in Hindi Or 2 Line Love Shayari in English, then you are right place. These two Lines Love Shayari images and SMS is published by

If you love someone so much that you can’t stop appreciating her or him, then these 2 Line Love Shayari in Urdu will come in handy for you. Just copy these lines on a smartphone or computer and send them to your partner. If your partner loves you as well, he/she will feel very special and will never let you go from his/her heart. All the below Shayari are very romantic and emotional.

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Uske Chehre Ki Chamak - 2 Line Love Shayari
2 Line Love Shayari

اس کے چہرے کی چمک کے سامنے سادہ لگا
آسماں پہ چاند پورا تھا مگر آدھا لگا.

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"Uske Chehre Ki Chamak Ke Samne Sada Laga
Aasman Pea Chand PuraTha Magar Adha Laga."



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2 Lines Romantic and Emotional Poetry

چھوٹ جائے زمانہ کوئی غم نہیں
ہاتھ تیرا رہے بس میرے ہاتھ میں

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"Chhut Jaaye Zamana Koi Gham Nahin
HaathTera Rahe Bas Mere Haath Mein."


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Romantic And Love Poetry Images

یہ شِراکت بھی کیسے سہہ لوں
کہ چُھو رہی ہیں ہوائیں تم کو.

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"YeaSheraqat Bhi Kaise Sah Lon
Kea Choo Rahi Hain Hawayen Tumko."

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