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Poetry of City in two lines in Urdu and be sure to share the Urdu poetry pictures of City with your friends. Get the December Poetry Collection from this website. In addition, we have a collection of many other Urdu poetry and Urdu poetry and we apply them here on a daily basis.

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City Poetry - Shehar poetry - December Poetry in Urdu Images 2021
Shahar poetry

فصیلِ شہر سے دیکھوتو رونقیں کیا کیا!
 مکینِ شہر سے پوچھو۔تو آنکھ بھر آئے

Fasel e Shahar Se Dekhun To Ronqin ke kya kya
Makin e Shahar Se pucho to Aankhen Bhar Aayi.

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