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Today's Urdu Poetry - Everyone in this world wants to spread love, peace, and happiness. There are a lot of people who want to do something positive but they don't have the ability to spread love and happiness like that, so they just try to say a simple word like "I Love You" or dedicate their life.

Do To someone. I am one of them, trying my best to spread love and positive things in The World. Urdu Shayari Images

2 Lines Urdu Poetry Picture & Urdu SMS Copy-Paste

Urdu poetry | 2 lines Shayari Image 2024 - Girl Heart Broken
Urdu Poetry

اور جانتے ہو تکلیف کیا ہے؟ 
جن کے لئے بدلے تھے ان کا بدل جانا

Urdu Poetry - Urdu SMS Copy-Paste

Aur jante ho takleef kya hai.?
Jinke Liye Badle the Inka Badal Jana۔

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Changing people is very painful, pain they can get out of after a long time. Adopting and leaving someone is called infidelity. Send this poetry to this friend to be according to this...
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