Urdu One Line Caption Copy-paste

The Best Urdu One Line Caption (Copy-paste)

You can choose the One Line Urdu poetry for Instagram which you want to caption. And all joy is life,

Certain Urdu poetry captions are used by girls-&-boys on Instagram. These are poetry posters or inscriptions that are used as a form of Whatsapp status updates, Facebook status updates, and Instagram photos.

Urdu One Line Caption Copy-paste
Urdu One Line Caption

جب ضمیر غلامی کا عادی ہوجائے
تو طاقت کوئی معنی نہیں رکھتی

Jab Zameer Gulami Ka Adi Ho Gayaa
To Taqat Koi meaini Nahi Rakhti.

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