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Best 2 Lines Udasi Sad Poetry Picture 2024

As you can see, 2 line Udasi Sad poetry is a very popular genre in Urdu poetry. It's not easy to write, and easy to understand. The couplets are short, but each one of them will inspire the reader to explore his/her thoughts and feelings. 

Moreover, it's a great way to express love for your partner. If you need more lines to express your feelings or if you want a new idea for this beautiful genre, then visit our blog about sad poetry.

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udasi sad poetry in urdu Image - best Alone Shayari In Urdu - Poetry Backgroung A lone man crossing a canal bridge
Udasi sad poetry

کبھی دیکھی ہے زندگی میں ایسی اذیت تم نے؟
کوئی آپ کہے، پھر تم کہے، پھر تم سے کہے، تم کون ہو.؟ 

"Kabhi Dekhi Hai Zindagi Mein Aisi Aziyat Tumne
Koi Aap Kahe, Phir Tum Kahe, Phir Tumse Kahe, tum kaun ho."

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