The Best inspirational quotes in urdu about life

inspirational Quotes in Urdu about life - Motivational sayings

Read the best inspirational quotes in Urdu about life. Did such quotes change your life? The sayings of world-famous people are their last words which give us a lot to learn in life. These sayings affect us to a great extent, There are some sayings that take a lifetime to understand. And there are sayings that we immediately understand that are in our daily lives,

A lot has been written about many books, dramas, and movies, but man is such a thing. If someone speaks sadly, we become sad, If after a while everything is forgotten as if nothing happened, it is human nature, Send the best and most beautiful words about life to your friends so that they too can benefit from the good things.

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Best inspirational quotes in urdu about life
inspirational quotes in Urdu about life

مرنےوالوں کورو رہاہےکیا
بےبسی دیکھ جینے والوں کی

Marny Wale Ko ro raha hai kya
Babsi dekh Jeene Walon Ki.


naseeb quotes in urdu - Chrya
Naseeb quotes in Urdu
نصیب کھینچ لاتا ہے ورنہ کون کسی کو کھلاتا ہے

Naseeb khach Lata hai
Warna Kaun Kisi Ko khilata Hai.

khuda quotes in urdu - inspirational saying urdu
inspirational saying Urdu

خدا ہر پرندےکورزق دیتا ہے
مگراس کےگھونسلے میں نہیں ڈالتا
رزق حاصل کرنے کیلئے پرندے کو
 خود کوشش کرنی پڑتی ہے۔

Urdu Sayings About life Copy Text Urdu

Khuda Har Parindey ko Rizaq deta hai
Magar is ke ghosle Mein Nahin dalta
Rizq Hasil karne ke liye Parinde ko
Khud koshish karni padati hai

parindey quotes in urdu about life
 about life Urdu Quote

 پرندہ جب اڑنے کی ٹھان لی
 تو ہوا کو راستہ د ینا ہی پڑتا ہے

Parinda Jab udane ki Thaan le
Tu Hawa ko Rasta Dena Hi padta hai.

eagle quote in urdu - sayings about life
Sayings About Life Urdu

 جن میں تنہا چلنے کے حوصلے ہوتے ہیں
 ایک دن انہی کے پیچھے
 قافلے ہوتے ہیں

Jin Mein Chalna chalne  ke hosle Hote Hain
Ak din  inhe Ke Piche kafile Hote Hain.


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