Tera Naam Urdu Poetry Handwriting - Waseem Ansar Rana

Tera Naam Urdu Poetry Handwriting - Best Love Poetry 

The best two-line Urdu poetry based on love 2023, apply on WhatsApp Facebook Story Status, this poem was written by Waseem Ansar Rana, a young poet of our young generation, the title of this poetry post is Tera Naam, Poetry That everything begins with the eyes, and its reflection falls on the heart, and the heart that thinks compromises with the mind, and when the mind is ready for the heart and the eyes, it is in the blood. 

It seems to be circulating and at the same time your name is uttered from the tongue and they testify to the hot lust that it is exactly your name, Be sure to share this poetry with your friends and let us know in the comments how the poetry feels

Waseem Ansar Rana Urdu Love Poetry - Hand Writing Shayari & Copy Paste

Tera Naam Urdu Poetry Handwriting
Tera Naam Urdu Poetry Handwriting

نگاہوں سے دل میں
جو دھڑکن میں دل سے
اوردھڑکن سے خوں میں ہے محلول ہوکر
 کہ سانسوں میں شامل
ہوکرآپہنچا، وہ نام ہے تیرا، وہ نام ہے تیرا

Best Love Poetry Tera Naam Copy Text

Nigahon Se Dil Mein
Jo dhadkan main Dil Se
Aur Dhadkan Se  khoon mein hi Mahlol hokar
Ke Sanson Mein Shamil, hokar a pahuncha
Wah Naam Hai Tera, Wah Naam Hai Tera,

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