Sad Shayari Life Urdu - Sad poetry Photo SMS

The Best Sad Shayari Life Urdu - Sad poetry Photo SMS

If you are searching for sad Shayari about life then here we are giving you sad poetry, Urdu poetry, the latest sad poetry in the Urdu language, and sad Shayari for GF/BF. Sad Shayari or sad poetry is the heart-touching and soul-stirring stuff that expresses anything related to emotions.

Nowadays people don't get time to express their feelings and emotions through words so the use of images is increasing day by day which has boosted the popularity of short text messages which is also known as text messages in Urdu.

Sad Poetry Photo and SMS Copy-paste In Urdu 2 Lines

Sad Shayari Life Urdu - Sad poetry Photo SMS 2024
Sad Shayari Life

اک عمر تک میں اس کی ضرورت بنارھا
پھر یو ھواکہ اُس کی ضرورت بدل گئی

Ek Umar Tak Main Is ki Zarorat Bana Raha - Phir Youn Howa Ky Us Ki Zarorat Badl Gi-Sad_poetry 

Sad Shayari Life Urdu images and sms copy-paste
Sad poetry Photo

ایک ہی اپنا ملنے والا تھا
ایسا بچھڑا کہ پھر ملا ہی نہیں

Aik Hee Milne Wala Tha,
Aesa Bichra Ke Phir Mila Hee Nahi.

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