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If you are sad, read this emotionally sad poetry.
Grief is something that unites us all. Man is capable of experiencing great happiness and of course sadness, but with sadness comes more understanding of life.

We all have the destiny of sadness at one point and if you are lucky, sadness comes into your life only for a short period of time. If you read this poetry in-depth, it will be worthwhile.

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I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling sad. It's true that we all experience sadness in our lives, but it's important to remember that it doesn't last forever. Reading emotionally sad poetry can be a great way to process your emotions and gain perspective. There are many amazing pieces of poetry that focus on grief, loneliness, and sorrow. Here are a few you might try

Sad Poetry In Urdu 2-lines 2023
Sad Poetry

You got it for free, you can't handle it
My desire was for millions.
تجھے مفت میں بھی راس نہ آئی
میری وہ چاہت جو کروڑوں کی تھی

"Tujha Muft Mein Bhe Ras Na Ayi
Mari wo chahat, jo Caroro Ki the."

"Kitne Raatein Beet Gye, Kitne Din Dhal Gye
Jinhein nahi badlna tha, Wohi log badal gye"

"Tujh Se Haaron To Jeet Jata Hoon 
Teri Khushiyan Azeez Hain Itni"

"Jo Mukamal Miltay Nahi
Woh Mukamal Bicharrtay Bhi Nahi"

"Hum Boht Gehri Udaasi Kay Siwa
Jis Se Bhi Miltay Hain Kam Miltay Hain"

"Kon Jeeta Hai Zindagi Apni
Her Kisi Pe Koi Muslat Hai"

"Tujhe Bhoole Koi Humwar Dimagh
Tere Pamaal Kahan Bhoolte hein"

"Bs Yuhe Chor Dya Ua Ny Mujy
Haye Us Ny Mujy Azmaya Bhe Nahi"

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