Sad Poetry In Urdu 2024 - Manzil To Waise Bhi Maut

The Best Sad Poetry In Urdu 2024 Image ANd SMS Copy Urdu

We have collected sad Urdu poetry for you in this collection. The authors of this Urdu sad poetry are different. Many people are happy with Urdu poetry. But there are few poets in Urdu who write for the lovers of sad poetry. So we have compiled all the latest Urdu sad poetry according to their categories and themes, we hope you enjoy our collection.

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Sad Poetry In Urdu 

منزل تو ویسے بھی موت ہے
،خیر تم سفر کا مزہ لو

Manzil to Waise bhi Maut Hai
Khar Tum Safar ka Maza lo...

یقین دلادیا تھا محفل میں سب کو کہ ہم خوش ہے
،مگر تیری یاد میں ایک آنسو نے سارا بھید کھول دیا۔

Yaqeen Dilaya Tha Mahfil Main Sab Ko Ky Hum Khosh Hain
Magr Teri Yaad Main Aik Ansoo Ny Sara Bhad Khol Deya.

اب کہاں اور کسی چیز کی چاہ رکھی ہے
،دل میں اک تیری تمنا جو بسا رکھی ہے
Ab Kaha Or Kisi Cheez Ki Chah Rakhi Hy
Dil Main Ik Tari Tamana Jw Bsa Rakhi Hy.

Here we provided Urdu poetry of grief and sadness that is as sad as it can be. We hope that you will like this Urdu Sad Poetry In Urdu image And SMS Copy. If you face any kind of problem or you want to share your point of view then please feel free to comment...
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