Sad Poetry in Urdu 2 lines written with SMS (copy-paste)

The Best Sad Poetry in Urdu 2 lines written with SMS

"Asol" is the type of poetry that usually ends up in a matrimonial invitation and at the same time read by lovers in context with their relationship. 

Above all, keep in mind that this Sad poetry is based primarily on human emotions. This is an opportunity for you to express your feelings to someone or to reflect on them yourself. And whether you’re using poetry to woo a lover, or simply as a way of expressing yourself, the best thing to remember is just to be genuine. The most appealing pieces of poetry are from the heart.

Urdu Sad Poetry In Urdu Image And SMS Copy

sad poetry in urdu 2 lines written with sms copy paste
2 lines Sad Poetry

اپنے اصول بھی توڑنے پڑے مرشد
خطا اسکی تھی ہاتھ مجھے جوڑنے پڑے

Apne Asool Bhi Torne Paray
Khata Uski Thi Hath Mujhe Jorne Paray

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