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The Best Sad PoetryFor Woman In Urdu 2 Lines images

" Sad Poetry For Woman "What is a woman and what is her beauty, and how is a woman beautiful, Allah Almighty has sent her as a woman and a blessing, a woman is also a mother, sister, wife, daughter too, therefore a woman should always be respected, It can happen in our house in any of these forms. If there was no woman then there would be no ghazal.

Poetry is mostly done on women. By Allah, love for the creatures of Allah Almighty brings man closer to Allah, love is pure and it is found. We have recited some verses on women below In poetry, woman's beauty, waiting, loneliness, sorrow, everything will be found in this poetry.

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Sad Poetry For Woman In urdu 2 Lines images
Sad Poetry For Aurat-Woman

 دستک دینا مرد کی فطرت ہے
 اور دروازہ نہ کھولنا عورت کا حسن

Aurat Shayari Sms Copy Paste

Dastak Te na Mard Ki fitrat Hai
Aur darvaza na khola aurat ka husan.



Muhabbat Poetry-Sad Poetry For Woman In urdu 2 Lines images
Muhabbat Poetry Urdu

 محبت لالچ کا دوسرا نام ہے
 محبت جب نہیں ہوتی تو بھلی لگتی ہے
 اور جب ہوتی ہےتو بری

Muhabbat Poetry In Urdu SMS Text

Mohabbat lalach ka dusra naam hai
Mohabbat Jab Nahin Hoti to Bali Lagti Hai
Aur jab Hoti Hai To bure.

Sad Poetry For Woman In urdu 2 Lines images - Girls Poetry 2024
2 Lines Aurat Shayari

 میں نے ذلت اور رسوائی کے بعد بھی
 اگر محبت پر کسی کو قائم دیکھا ہے
 تو وہ عورت کو دیکھا ہے

2 Lines Sad Poetry for Aurat

Main ny zillat aur Ruswai ke bad bhi
Agar Mohabbatx Kisi Ko Kayam Dekha Hai
To Woh aurat ko Dekha Hai.

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