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The good thing about today is to read today's quote, download it and share it with your friends The best thing that famous poets and philosophers have said today is that it is very useful in daily life, whenever we start a new work in the morning, we need them, sayings refresh us.

Quotes Of The Day In Urdu -Ajj Ki Achi Baat

Quote Of The Day Urdu
Quote Of The Day In Urdu

رجوع اورعروج میں
چاروں حروف ایک جیسے ہیں
 بس تم اپنے رب کی طرف رجوع کرو
 وہ تمہیں عروج دے گا۔

The Best Urdu Quotes Copy

"Raju" Aur "Aruj" main
Charon Harof Ek Jaise Hain
Bus Tum Apne "Rab" Ki Taraf "Ruju" karo
Wo Tumhen "Arooj" dega.


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