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Punjabi poetry is very popular in Pakistan because the Punjabi language is very widely spoken in Pakistan. Most of all people in the Punjab province of Pakistan speak the Punjabi language and they are beautiful to hear and speak. They are also the most widely spoken in both languages.

Most people consider Punjabi Poetry Status, whether it is WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, keeping this in mind, we have presented this Punjabi Seraiki Poetry to you. Read it and reach out to your Punjabi friends and if Punjabi If you want sports and poetry in another language, check out this website and you will find meaningful poetry.

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Pakistan Punjabi Poetry In Urdu Images And Text Messages Copy-Paste Easy

Punjabi sad poetry in urdu - Color Full Girl Face One Eays On photo Text Urdu punjabi
Punjabi Shayari Images

سوہنڑے رب دی ہر شۓ سوہنڑی اے
مینوں سب تو سوہنڑا تو لگنا ایں

Sohndy Rab Di Har Shaa Sohndy Ea
Menuh Sab Ton Sohna Toh Lagna Eia.

Punjabi Poetry Translated into English

God has made everything beautiful
I think you are the most beautiful

  • In this Punjabi poetry, a lover says these words to convince his girlfriend or to say so to seduce her.


punjabi Shayari Images - girl illustration photo With Punjabi text Sad
Punjabi sad poetry in Urdu

اساں اجڑے لوگ مقدراں دے
 ویران نصیب دا حال نہ پچھ
 توں شاکر آپ سیانا ایں
 ساڈا چہرا پڑھ حالات نہ پچھ

Best Punjabi Sad Poetry Images And Text SMS Copy

Asaan Aujda Log Mukdraan Dy
Veraan Nseba Da Haal Nah Poch
Toh Shakir Ap Siyana Eia
Sada Chehra Padh Halaat Na Poch.

Pakistan Punjabi poetry translated into English - Copy-paste


Don't ask us about our loneliness
Thank you, you are also wise. 
Read our face. 
Don't ask about the situation.

  • in this poem, a life and a sad lover says with his love, you should read the face, I do not have the courage to tell the situation yet.

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