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Are you searching for Pubg attitude status in the Urdu Language, If it's your case then I have the best collection of Pubg attitude status that you can use in social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram?

If you are a big fan of PUBG mobile games and have been playing the game for a long time, don't you ever think that you should share Urdu attitude poetry with your friends. It would seem that they are not available on the internet in Urdu, was that what happened before we came to this post, we have created and presented the status of Pubg Mobile,
Hope you and your friends like it.

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Urdu Pubg Poetry And Urdu Status For Whatsapp - Copy Text Pubg Shayari

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pubg shayari in urdu - pubg mobile status images
Pubg Shayari in Urdu

اوقات کو اپنا گھر سمجھیں اور اسی میں رہیں۔

Okat ko Apna Ghar Samjho aur ISI mein rahin.

This poetry means that if anyone in the world is doing something, let him do it, don't stop him. There is no transaction in real life, if someone is teasing you by imposing such a status, you should enjoy it and not get angry, if you also find such status and apply it, revenge will come down.

Pubg attitude urdu status - pubg mobile poetry
Pubg Mobile Poetry

ہاں میں پبجی کھیلتا ہو دلوں سے نہیں۔

Han Main "PUBG" khelta Hun Dinon Se Nahin.


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Best Pubg mobile Urdu Poetry Status In Urdu
Urdu Poetry Pubg

ہم دونوں کا ملنا بھی کچھ اِس طرح ہے
جیسے 2جیبی ریم والا فون اور پبجی

Pubg Attitude Poetry Status Text Roman Urdu

Ham donon ka Milana bhi Kuchh Is Tarah hai
Jaise "2-GB Ram" wale phone aur PUBG.

Attitude Status For Pubg Mobile In Urdu Hindi
Pubg Attitude Shayari Urdu - Winner Chicken

ہمیں نہیں بننا کسی لڑکی كے دِل کا ونر
ہمیں تو بس چاہیے ونر ونر چکن ڈنر

2 Lines Pubg Game Urdu Status Image And Text

Hamen nahin banna Kisi Ladki Ke Dil ka winner
Hamen to bus chahie "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner".

Pubg Mobile Blue Zone - Dangures Zone Pubg Poetry In Urdu
Pubg Mobile Blue Zone Shayari

مار رہی ہیں تیری یادیں اِس طرح مجھکو 
جیسے پبجی میں پلیئر کو بلو زون

Pubg Shayari Urdu - Copy-Paste Text

Maar rahi hai teri yaden Is Tarah Mujhko
Jaise pubg mein player ko "Blue Zone".


ignorance Attitude Poetry Status For Pubg In Urdu
ignorance Attitude Poetry

بھولے نہیں اسے اور بھلائيں گے بھی نہیں
 بس نظر انداز کریں گے اسے اس کی ہی طرح

Pubg Mobile Shayari In Urdu With Text SMS Copy

Bhule Nahin use aur bulayenge Bhi Nahin
Bus nazar - andaaz Karenge Hussain us ki hi Tarah.

Attitude For Pubg playar - Urdu Shayari For Pubg
Attitude For Pubg player

ہرا کر اگر کوئی جان بھی لے لے تو منظور ہے
دھوکا دینے والوں کو میں پھر موقع نہیں دیتا

Attitude Status For Pubg In Roman Urdu Copy

Hraa kr agr koi jaan bhi le le to Manzoor Hai
Dhokha Dene Wale Ko Main FIR mauka Nahin deta.

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