Poor People Poetry in Urdu - Urdu Poetry on Ghurbat

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Were you looking for the kind of Poetry that is given in the picture below, in poverty man becomes very helpless, and he can do nothing in the world of helplessness, except believe in Allah, "If you have strong faith in your God then nothing can harm you "So today's poetry sayings post and the Instagram Facebook status story are based on poverty, 

Best Famous Poor People Poetry in Urdu Images Text Message Copy

Poor people are present in every corner of the world, because of these poor people The nation moves forward if all become rich no one will work, and no one will progress, and the fleet of an economy there will sink. If you want to eradicate poverty then you have to weigh the scales of justice with the right and intention, you have to eliminate the difference between rich and poor only then can poverty be eradicated. 

If you are poor then there is no need to worry, Allah Almighty has special grace on you. Be sure to share this poetry with your friends and relatives so that even poor people can feel it. Thank you very much for reading it. 
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Poor People Poetry in Urdu - Urdu Poetry on Ghurbat
Urdu Poetry on Ghurbat

غربت خیرات سے نہیں
 انصاف سے ختم ہوگئی

Gurbat Kharat Nahin Insaaf se khatm ho gai.

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