Parveen shakir 2 line poetry Image Text Copy-paste

2 Line Parveen Shakir poetry Image Download And Text Copy

A collection of the best poetry about the life of Urdu poetry, written by the famous Urdu poet Parveen Shakir, which you can read and share with your friends. There are many famous poets of Pakistan who have their own style. 

Which are very good in the hearts of the readers. Parveen Shakir has a special place in the hearts of readers. Everyone who understands Urdu is well aware of them.

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Most Papular Parveen Shakir Urdu Poetry 2 Lines Image & Sms

Parveen Shakir 2 line poetry Image Text Copy-paste - Alone man In Street Background photo
Parveen Shakir 2 line poetry

لازم تھا گزرنا زندگی سے
بن زہر پیئے گزارا کب تھا

Lazam tha Gurjar na Zindagi Se
Bin Zahar Piya Guzara kab tha.

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