Parizad Poetry Heart-touching - 2 Line Sad Shayari Images

Parizad Shayari Heart-Touching Status Images Text Copy And Video Status

Are you looking for the Poetry status of Parizad "Hum TV Drama", you are a very intelligent person, you have come to the right place, here you will find poetry from all episodes of this drama, you must be happy.

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Parizad Shayari Heart-Touching Status
Parizaad Urdu Poetry Images Collection

In our daily lives, we meet daily people who are good and bad. One person brings happiness and another brings sorrow. This is the poetry of reward for every day of our life in which there will be sorrow as well as joy. These poems on various topics of life can be read daily. This poetry is definitely one of the most popular poetry of its time.

We have uploaded the Urdu poetry photos and videos of this drama on this website, from which we got a lot of love from you people and also comments. Thank you all very much for showing such love.

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Urdu Poetry Collection Parizad Drama In Urdu Status - Text SMS & Images

Parizad Shayari images And Status - Sad face parizad
Best Poetry - Parizad Drama Shayari

 دنیا کا سب سے اونچا اور بڑا رتبہ یہ ہے
 کہ آپ کسی کے محبوب بن جاؤں

Sadness In 2 Lines Urdu SMS Copy Message


Duniya Ka Sabse Uncha aur Bada Hota Hai
Ke aap kisi ke Mehboob Ban jao.

parizad Drama Poetry collection 2024
Sad Poetry Parizad images

 دنیا میں ہر چیز بکتی ہے
 بس سہی قیمت لگانے والا ہونا چاہیے

Top Best Pakistani Drama Parizad Shayari Collection Copy-Paste Poetry

Duniya Mein Har chij bikti hai
Nus Sahi kimat Lagane wala Hona chahie.

Rich And Poor Urdu Poetry Parizad - Ameer Greeb Shayari
Rich Poor Poetry Picture Parizad

یہاں غریب کی تو شاعری بھی فضول لگتی ہیں
 اور اگر مرد امیر ہو تو اس کے منہ سے نکلی ہوئی گالی بھی شاعری لگتی ہیں

2 lines sad Poetry Images SMS Copy All Text

Yahan Garib ki to shayari bhi Faizul Lagti Hai
Aur Agr Mard Ameer ho to Uske Munh se 
Nikali Hui Gali bhi shayari Lagti Hai.


Word seller Poetry. Parizad Shayari In urdu
Word seller Poetry

 میں الفاظ فروش زرور ہوں 
لیکن ایمان فروش نہیں

Parizad Shayari SMS Copy-Paste

Mere Alfaaz Farosh Jarur Ho
Lekin hi man Faresh Nahin.

paisa shayari urdu - The secret of the world Parizad Words
Paisa Shayari Urdu

 میں دنیا کا راز سمجھ گیا
 یہاں سب پیسے کے سامنے جھکتے ہیں

Best Urdu Shayari Message Roman Urdu Copy

Main Duniya Ka Raja samajh gaya
Yahan Sab Paise Ke Samne jhukte Hain.

khawab poetry in urdu - The pain of breaking a dream - Best defination Dream Poor Peopes
Khawab Poetry in Urdu

 ہم جیسوں کو ٹھیک وقت پر خواب کچل دینے چاہیے
 خواب جتنی دیر سے ٹوٹے تکلیف اتنی زیادہ ہوتی ہے

Parizad Humtv Drama Poetry Copy&Paste

Hum Jaisoo ko theek Waqt per ho aap ko Jal Dena chahie
Khwab Jitni Der se Tute Utani  Zyada Takleef Hoti Hai.

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If you want information about this play you can visit their official website and channel which are given below. HUM TV
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