Parizaad Sad Poetry in Urdu - Deep Poetry in urdu

Sad poetry in Urdu 2 lines about life - Parizaad Poetry in Urdu Image

This is a collection of very sad poetry and poetic lines in Urdu. You can use it as SMS and Facebook status. Very sad lines in Urdu, with the photo background of the Parizad drama Character Parizaad, which you will love.

Sad Poetry Lines in Urdu Section means the most beautiful sad poetry lines of Urdu All the lines are selected by our team so you should share on social media Or WhatsApp.

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Sad Poetry 2 Lines Images And Text Copy-Paste

Parizaad Poetry in Urdu - sad poetry in urdu 2 lines about life - Parizad Drama Chractor Parizad Image Sad Feeling
Sad Heart Touching Poetry

اپنے ماضی کے تصورسے ہراسا ہو میں
اپنے گزرے ہوئے ایام سے نفرت ہے مجھے۔

Heart Touching Sad Poetry SMS Text Copy

Apne Mazi Ke Taswer se Harasa mein
Apne guzre hue Ayam Se Nafrat Hai Mujhe.

Khwahish Shayari -sad poetry in urdu 2 lines about life - sunset Image background In This Poetry
Khwahish Shayari

بعض خواہشات کا مرجانا ہی اچھا ہوتا ہے
کیونکہ اگر وہ نہیں مرتیں تو وہ آپ کو ماردیتی ہیں۔

2 line Khwahish Shayari - Poetry in Urdu Copy Text

Baz Khwahisht ka Kamar Jana hi Acha Hota Hai
Kyon Kya Agr wo Nahin Marti to aap ko Maar deti Hain.

Parizad Heart-touching Dialogues Urdu - Sad poetry


The beautiful moments of the fairy tale drama that have touched the heart of every man, such beautiful words said by Parizad that it has won everyone's heart or, this is a WhatsApp status, download it and be sure to share it with your friends.

In this episode, Parizad's first love has come to his house to meet him. In episodes 25-26, we will find out what will happen to Naheed.

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