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If you are looking for Punjabi poetry, if you want Punjabi poetry then you have come to the right place. From here you can download and paste Punjabi sad poetry, Punjabi love poetry and Punjabi jokes, etc., most people in Pakistan. They don't like to speak Punjabi instead of Urdu. The Punjabi language is very beautiful.

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The poetry of Punjabi, Saraiki, poet Baba Bale is widely read and written in Pakistan at this time. Besides, there are many more names that are very famous. Nowadays Shakir Shuja Abadi is very famous. The truths and bitterness of life are found in the poetry of "Shakir Shuja Abadi, it makes it even easier to understand.

Pakistani Punjabi shayari Status 2024
Best Punjabi Poetry In Urdu

اساں اجڑے لوگ مقدراں دے
ویران نصیب دا حال نہ پچھ
توں شاکر آپ سیانا ایں
ساڈا چہرا پڑھ حالات نہ پچھ 

Images Text SMS For Punjabi Shayari


Asan Aujra Log Muqdran dy
Waran Naseeb Da Hal Na Puchh
Toh Shakir Ap Seyana Ain
Sada Chraa Padh Halat Na Puch.


Read it more. 2 lines of sad poetry

Punjabi Poetry sms in urdu text images
Punjabi Shayari Images Download

میں کملی آں اوس ڈھولن دی
جس سوں کھادی اے رولن دی

2 Lines Pakistan Punjabi Poetry Copy


Main Kamli Aiin Aoos Dholan Di
Jis Soo Khadi Aiaa Rolandi.


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