Noshi Gilani Poetry in urdu - Sad Shayari Noshi Gilani

Best 2 Lines Noshi Gilani Poetry in Urdu Images 2022

If you like to read sad poetry, then you must read Noshi Gilani's poetry. He is the most famous Urdu poet of the last decade. His poetry speaks of love and betrayal, joy and sorrow. His poetry is full of beautiful words and strong thoughts, sadness, and passion. You read and see. Read it. 2 Line Whatsapp Status Urdu

2 Lines Sad Poetry Images Noshi Gilani In Urdu

Noshi Gilani Poetry in urdu - Sad Shayari Noshi Gilani
Sad Shayari Noshi Gilani

 یہی نہیں کوئی طوفاں میری تلاش ہے
 موسم غم جاناں میری تلاش میں ہے

Yahi Nahin Koi tufan Meri Talash Mein Hai
Mausam-E-Gham Jana Meri Talash Mein Hai.

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Noshi Gilani Poetry in Urdu

 اس لہجے کی خوشبو ہر پل ساتھ رہی ہو
 کبھی ہم بھی بیگا نہ کہنا پڑ جائے گا

2 Lines Urdu Sad Poetry Noshi Gilani Copy-Paste

Is Lahja ki Khushbu Har Pal Sath rahi ho
Ka ise bhi ab Begana Kahana pad jaega.

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