Who are good people? - Quotes Of The Day

Who are good people - Quotes Of The Day

There is no single definition of what makes a person "good," as different people may have different ideas about what qualities make a person good. 

Some people might consider someone to be good if they are kind, compassionate, and helpful to others, while others might consider someone to be good if they are honest, reliable, and have strong moral values. 

Ultimately, whether someone is considered good or not is a subjective judgment that can vary from person to person. But Look it This Quote, may be helpful, In Urdu English.

Quotes Of The Day Urdu 2023

Good people are those who drink anger,
And forgive people.-Unknown 

Quotes Of The day In urdu - NEK Log - Quotes Of The Day Urdu 2022
 NEK Log Urdu Quote

نیک لوگ وہ ہیں جو غصے کو پی جاتے ہیں
اور لوگوں کو معاف کردیتے ہیں

Nek Log Wo hain Jo Gusaa Pe jaty Hain
Or Logoo Ko Maff Kar Daty Hain.

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