Munafiq Log Poetry in Urdu image 2022 - dikhawe ke liye Acha Banna

Munafiq Log Poetry in Urdu - Dikhawe key Liye Acha Banna

It is a bad thing to be good just for the show One man appears to have fallen into the well, and the other man is trying to get him to lie, even though he has read a rope through which he can save his life.

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Sad Poetry About Life & People -Bad Think- Copy Text Image Download

Munafiq Log Poetry in Urdu image 2022-dikhawe ke liye Achcha Banna
Sad Poetry

صرف دکھاوے کے لیے اچھا بننا
برا ہونے سے بھی زیادہ برا ہے
Sirf dikhawe ke liye Acha Banna
Bura hone Se Bhi Zyada Bura Hai.

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