Muhabbat Poetry In Urdu | Muhabbat-badsorat-haqiqat

 Muhabbat Poetry In Urdu | Muhabbat-Badsorat-Haqiqat - About life Shayari - Latest Urdu Status 2022

"Muhabbat Poetry In Urdu" Love is a small word in writing, but its value is very high in our lives, yes and one thing is also true, no one kind of love no one color, love is also from parents, siblings Even from friends, even from relatives, even from the girl, even from the boy, animal, man and beast, everyone loves something

the greatest and true love we Muslims have for Allah and His Messenger. All other worldly loves have no name and no color. In our society, love for man requires that if he is beautiful, then everyone falls in love with him.

If he's ugly or black, no one loves him, why?

The first thing is that God has not created anyone ugly, nor is anyone ugly, every human being is beautiful, in his heart is the power of truth and faith,

Today's poetry is on the same topic, how do we view love, true poetry of love based on life, true love,

This poetry consists of five languages.

  • Urdu Shayari
  • Roman Urdu Shayari
  • Arabic Poetry
  • Roman-Arabic Shayari
  • English Poetry
  • Hindi Shayari
  • Roman-Hindi Shayari

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Muhabbat Poetry In Urdu

اردو شاعری محبت اگر سچی ہے تو۔؟

محبت اگر حقیقت ہے

تو بدصورت سے کیوں نہیں ہوتے؟؟؟


Badsorat Saa Q Nahi- Muhabbat In Roman-Urdu


Muhabbat Agr Haqiqat Hai

To Bad-Sorat Saa Q nahi Hoti.???


شعر الحب الحقيقي باللغة العربية

إذا كان الحب حقيقيا.

لماذا لا تكون قبيح ؟؟؟

Shaear alhubu alruwmaniu alearabiu

'iidha kan alhubu haqiqiaa.

limadha la takun qabih ???

Love Real-life Poetry - In English

If love is the truth

So why not ugly ???

सच्चे प्यार की शायरी हिंदी में

अगर प्यार सच है

तो बदसूरत क्यों नहीं ???

Sachche Pyaar kee Shayari Hindi Mein

agar Pyaar Sach hai

to Badasoorat Kyon Nahin ???


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