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(Sad poetry Ghazal is the feelings and emotions of the poet, who has been suffering from his life and relationships) Among other things, the ability to quickly add a graphic or text block is one of the reasons that Mohsin Naqvi’s poetry images are always among Sad-Poetry’s most popular posts. 

Feel free to use these images without credit, but don’t claim them as your own. In other words, if you want to share a found poem with your friends on social media, feel free to do so; you don’t need to link back here. 

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Urdu Sad Ghazal In Urdu Download Picture And SMS Copy

Mohsin Naqvi Sad Poetry Ghazal Image Text Copy-paste 2022 - Mohsin Naqvi sad poetry ghazal in Urdu Copy-Paste - Download Sad Ghazal In Urdu 2022
 Mohsin Naqvi Urdu Ghazal

بھول جاتا ہوں ملنے والوں کو
خود سے پھرتا ہوں بے خبرکتنا

اُس نے آباد کی ہے تنہائی
ورنہ سُنسان تھا یہ گھر کتنا

وہ مجھے یاد کر کے سوتا ہے
اُس کو لگتا ہے خُود سے ڈر کتنا

عادتیں سب بُری ہیں محسنؔ کی
اچھّا لگتا ہے وہ مگر کتنا.

Mohsin Naqvi sad poetry ghazal in Urdu Copy-Paste

Bhul jata hun milane Walo Ko
Khud se pharta hun Ba-Kbr Kitna,

Usne Abad ki hai Tanhai
Warna sunsan tha ya Ghar Kitna,

WOh Mujhe Yad Karke sota hai
Usko lagta hai khud se dar Kitna,

Aadatein Sab Buri Hai Mahsan Ki
Achcha Lagta Hai Wo Magar Kitna.

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