Meer Taqi Meer Poetry in urdu 2 lines Images SMS Copy-paste

The Best Top 10 Urdu Poetry Images Meer Taqi Meer in Roman-Urdu

Here you will find a large collection of Mir Taqi Mir's poetry and the Famous best 2 lines of poetry. Poetry-Shayari is a great way to express your feelings.

When it comes to emotions, you need amazing emotional Poetry in Urdu. Here you are going to read two famous lines of Mir Taqi Mir's Urdu picture and message poetry. Keep Sporting (

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Top Famous Poetry Meer Taqi Meer In Urdu Image and Text SMS

Pata Pata Butta Butta Haal Hamara Jaane Hai-Meer Taqi Meer 2 Line Urdu Poetry
Meer Taqi Meer 2 Line Urdu Poetry

Pata Pata Butta Butta Haal Hamara Jaane Hai
Jaane Nah Jaane Gul Hi Nah Jaane Baagh To Sara Jaane Hai

I hope you enjoyed Mir Taqi Mir Best Poetry & Shayari  Images and Roman-Urdu Text Messages, Mir Taqi Mir Urdu Poetry and Two Words of Love, Life Loneliness Share this poetry with your friends and comment nicely on how you like this poetry. {fullWidth}

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