Masrofiyat ka Bahana - Busy Poetry in Urdu


"Masrofiyat Ka Bahana Poetry" Pretending to be busy in love, telling you that I'm busy right now is actually doing it to get rid of your beloved No wonder, if a person is really busy, it looks very clear, faithful people are rarely found.

The world is full of unfaithful people, keeping this in mind, today's poetry and status video has been posted here for you people. Yes, read it See Apply to Status Copy Paste Share with your friends.

Download Masrofiyat ka Bahana Image And Video Status - Copy Text

Masrofiyat ka Bahana - masrofiyat poetry in urdu sms - video status download
Masrofiyat Poetry in Urdu SMS - Picture & video

مجھ سے کر کے اپنی مصروفیت کے بہانے
وہ مسلسل کسی سے رابطے میں ہے.

Masrofiyat Poetry Status & SMS Copy-Paste


Mujhse Karke Apne Masrufiyat Ke Bahane
Wo Musalsal kisi se Rapten Mein Hai.


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Masrofiyat ka Bahana - Urdu Short Video Status (

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