Kamyab Kasy Hoty Hain - Khobsorat Bat

Best Urdu -Kamyab Kasy Hoty Hain - Khobsorat Bat

Achieving success is not so easy, even if you achieve it, it becomes difficult to handle, it does not happen with everyone, as you can clearly see in our beautiful talk today, whose success lasts longer. Living together? And what are the real successes? 
If you understand this, be sure to share it with your friends so that they too can know the meaning of success.

Aap Kamyab Kaise Hue - Kya raaz hai

Kamyab Kasy Hoty Hain - Khobsorat Bat
Khobsorat Bat

Kuchh Wo log Hain Jo Apne waldain ki madad se Kamyab Hote Hain
Aur kuchh Aise Hain jab tak Wo Apne Walden ki madad Nahin Karte Kamyab Nahin Hote.

کچھ اور لوگ ہیں مجھے اپنے والدین کی مدد سے کامیاب ہوتے ہیں
اور کچھ ایسے ہیں جب تک وہ اپنے والدین کی مدد نہیں کرتے کامیاب نہیں ہوتے

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