John Elia 2 line sad poetry images - Heartbroken Poetry

Heart-broken Urdu Poetry Images John Elia Download Picture Copy-SMS

While searching for ideas through the internet, I came across a picture of this sad poetry of John Elia. This is one of the best sad poetry pictures I wrote in my first post but it is different. I have uploaded it according to your taste. Share it with your friends.

John Elia 2 Lines Urdu Heart-broken Poetry

John Elia 2 line sad poetry images - Heartbroken Poetry Image Download Share
John Elia heartbroken Poetry

  کرم والوں کی بستی میں صدائیں دی بہت ہم نے
 سبھی نے کھڑکیاں کھولیں، کسی نے در نہیں کھولا

  • Copy-SMS Karam Walon Ki Basti - John Elia

Karam Walon Ki Basti Mein Sdayen de bahut Humne
Sabhi Ne khidkiyan Kholi, Kisi Ne Dar Nahin khola, Jaun Elia.

The general opinion of the people

It is a common belief that when people go through bad times they like to write poetry, it helps to incorporate the emotions and feelings they are going through. There are many good poets who wrote poetry in the Urdu language and became very popular because of their work. But John Elia comes first. He devoted his entire life to Urdu.

Please let me know if you like this image or not, as it will help me rank keywords for future posts on the Google search engine. Thank you very much.

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