Jinke Kareeb bahut se log Hain - Sad Poetry in Urdu

Jinke Kareeb Bahut Se log Hain- Download Sad Poetry In Urdu

Two lines of poetry in Urdu - and Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp status, popular poetry continues to play fast on the Internet, today's poetry is one of them.
It is better to keep a distance from people who are close to you.
This means that no one who has more friends should ask me for friendship, because he does not care about your friendship. He has had many friends before. It does not matter whether you make or break your friendship.

Jinke Kareeb bahut se log Hain-sad-poetry_shayari
Jinke Kareeb bahut se log Hain
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 جن کے قریب بہت سے لوگ ہیں
 ...ان سے دور رہنا ہی بہتر ہیں

Jinke Kareeb bahut se log Hain
ine Se Dur Rahana hai behtarin...


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