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Poetry is a powerful way to share feelings and express feelings that you can not put into words. It is an outflow of what your identity is. So get writing poetry in the Urdu language because there are many good poets in this field such as Jigar Moradabad.

Jigar Moradabadi is a true poet of Urdu as well as Hindi. He has written many books on Islamic literature, poetry, culture, and history. You can find his many books like Jawaz-e-Hijaz, Jigar-e-Moradabadi, Mizan-e-Adab, and others.

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Uff Ray-Teri Hijaab Araai -Jigar Moradabadi 2 line poetry

Best Urdu Poetry Jigar Moradabadi Images - Urdu Famous Poetry 2024
Best Jigar Moradabadi Poetry

ہر تجلّی یہیں نظر آئی
اُف رے تیری حجاب آرائی

"Har Tajjali Yahein Nazar Aai
Uff Ray-Teri Hijaab Araai"

Zindagi Tou Hamain -Jigar Moradabadi

jigar moradabadi 2 line sad  Shayari Image And Text SMS Copy-Paste  - 2024 Urdu Sad Poetry
Jigar Moradabadi Shayari Urdu

زندگی تو ہمیں کہاں لائی؟
اک محبت، ہزار رُسوائی

"Zindagi Tou Hamain Kahan Laai
Ek Muhabbat, Hazaar Ruswaai"

Mujhko Shikwa Hay -Jigar Moradabadi

jigar moradabadi 2 line poetry in urdu - Urdu Poetry
Jigar Moradabadi 2 line poetry

مجھ کو شکوہ ہے اپنی آنکھوں سے
تم نہ آئے تو نیند کیوں آئی؟

"Mujhko Shikwa Hay Apni Aankhoun Say
Tum Nah Aaye Tou Neend Kuin Aai?"

Be sure to read it.

NOTE: I am publishing this post at the request of my friend, who loves Jigar Moradabadi's poetry. I am not an expert on his work, and cannot comment on individual quatrains or explain their deeper meaning. I am simply sharing the translation (remarkably accurate) of his two-line poetry, for those who are unfamiliar with them. I hope this is helpful!

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