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The Best Islamic Quotes in Urdu 2 lines - Islamic Poetry

The Islamic Quotes in Urdu are the only thing where you get to see the combination of thoughts. Here you are going to find a nice compilation of the best quotes and sayings by different writers. 

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islamic quotes in urdu 2 lines - islamic Poetry
Khuda Sa Mang

Khuda Sa Mang Jo Kuch Manjna Hyy A Akbar
Yahi wo -Dar- Hi Ky Zilat Nahi Sawal Nahi.

خدا سے مانگ جو کچھ مانگنا ہے اے اکبرؔ 
یہی وہ در ہے کہ ذلت نہیں سوال کے بعد

Ask Allah whatever you want, O Akbar
This is the door where humiliation does not come after the question

islamic quotes in urdu 2 lines - 2024 islamic images
Rab-Ko Yad Karna

Jo Skoon -Rab-Ko Yad Karny Main Hai
Wo Skoon Kisi Say Nahi Milta.

جو سکون رب کو یاد کرنے میں ہے
وہ سکون کسی سے نہیں ملتا

The peace that comes from remembering the Lord
That peace is not found in anyone.

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