Ishfaq Ahmad Aqwal in Urdu - Ashfaq Ahmad Quote

The Best Ishfaq Ahmad Aqwal in Urdu - Ashfaq Ahmad Quote

So today I have decided to share some best quotes from the Great Ashfaq Ahmad Aqwal in Urdu, These are the most popular Ashfaq Ahmad Quotes in Urdu of all on the Internet.

The quote of the day should be more motivational and inspirational than amusing and light. I chose this one from the Google search result for "motivational quotes". This quote is from Mr. Ishaq Ahmad, in the Urdu language. I thought it might inspire other people as well, who are not able to learn English and find many interesting words in that language.

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Pansa - Ashfaq Ahmed Saying image download

ishfaq ahmad aqwal in urdu - ishfaq ahmad Quotes pansa
Ashfaq Ahmad - Pansa

Finally, when we come to the end of the article, here we can say that just being positive is not enough. We must have something to force us to pursue our dreams. 
If you want to do something in your life do it for God, see this world is full of obstacles and mountains, so jump if it is not possible then try your best to cross the mountain and on the other side of this mountain Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself!


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ishfaq ahmad aqwal in urdu - ishfaq ahmad quotes zawia
Ishfaq Ahmad - Zawia

It is clear from the first quote that he was a Great Writer And poet. It is also very clear that Ashfaq Ahmad was caring and thoughtful. He was a lover of nature, he loved beauty and I am sure that all his readers loved him too.

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ishfaq ahmad aqwal in urdu - ashfaq ahmed quotes manchla ka soda
Manchlaa Ka Soda

People are divided into two groups, those who are humble and those who think of themselves as great. The ones who know the reality of themselves, think they're good at something. They don't claim to be others than they are. 
They are genuine people and they keep themselves safe from the harm of pride, self-conceit, and other evils that come with it. Pride is a dangerous trap in this world and hereafter.

Great people don't go out to be great, they go out to get something or to see something or (as can be the case) for someone. Their goal is raised and then they train their mind and body to hit the target.

They learn from experience and they push themselves a little bit every day. And then a good day, as if without effort, they arrived. Try these quotes in your life will change your life. Thanks for reading۔۔۔ Read it: Mirza Ghalib Urdu Poetry
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