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 The Best Images Intezar Poetry in Urdu SMS -2 lines Shayari on Intezar

If you are looking for Intzar poetry in the Urdu language, then get some of your desired pictures here. Intezar is an Urdu word that means to stay awake.

I m waiting for you in English. Most people keep looking for this kind of Urdu poetry because they are waiting for something special in their lives. We bring some special things here for these people.

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Images For Intezar Poetry Urdu, With Text Messages

Man can do everything easily. But waiting is very difficult. No matter who it is, it is very important to have the patience to wait, of course, it is easy after hardship.

2 Lines Urdu Poetry -SMS Copy And Paste 2024
karna tha Intezar-intezar poetry urdu

2 Lines Urdu Poetry SMS Copy And Paste


hamen bhi Aaj hi karna tha Intezar iska
use bhe aaj he Sab Wade Bhol Jany thy۔


Intzar Urdu Poetry collection SMS Copy Text
Aaa ky Mita Da Intezar-intezar poetry urdu

Intzar Urdu Poetry Collection SMS Copy Text


Kahin Woh Aaa ky Mita Da Intezar ka lutf
Kahe kabool Na Ho Jaaye intjar Meri.



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2 Lines Wating Poetry In Urdu SMS Messages Cop-Paste
Hamen Maloom Intezar poetry Urdu

2 Lines Wating Poetry In Urdu SMS Messages Cop-Paste


Wah na aaega Hamen Maloom tha is Shyam bhi
Intezar iska Magar Kuchh Soch kar Karty Rahe.


yah Intezar Nahin Shama Hai rafaqat ke-intezar poetry in urdu
Intezar Nahin Shama-intezar poetry urdu

Best Urdu Shayari Poetry Copy&Paste


yah Intezar Nahin Shama Hai rafaqat ke
is Intezar se Tanhai Khubsurat Haa.


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