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To convey an emotion, you don't always have to write things down. This section is for sorrowful poetry that only needs a few words. Feelings aren't difficult to understand.

We frequently start a process of shedding pent-up sadness when we permit ourselves to experience it in its purest form. Whenever you want to tell the story and explain why you're thinking a certain way, it's best to write a lengthy poem. Both of these approaches to storytelling are acceptable. It's merely a matter of expressing what's on your mind at the time.
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How can there be suffering in a situation where much happiness exists? The most amazing sensation in the universe is being in a loving relationship. 

Best Heart touching poetry in Urdu 2 lines SMS & Image

This is why it can be so depressing. There are a plethora of things that could happen. "Rather have liked and lost than never to have adored at all," we should realize.
When we have this mentality, we will be able to keep our heads above water during the tough moments and revel in the fact that we do have this wonderful gift during the wonderful days.

Girl Hand Mobile - Mobile Call Poetry In Urdu
Call Poetry In Urdu

اب تک اُداس ہےوہ میرا فون کاٹ کر
اُسے گماں تھا پھرسے میری کال آئے گی

2 Lines Sad Poetry SMS Copy Paste In Urdu

Ab tak Udaas Hai mera phone Kat kar
Use Guman tha Phir se Meri call Aaegi.

Heart touching poetry in Urdu 2 line - Waqat Poetry
Waqt Shayari In Image

وقت بہت کچھ چھین لیتا ہے
خیر چھوڑیں!
میری صرف مسکراہٹ تھی

Emotional Shayari Urdu SMS Copy Text

Waqt bahut kuch Cheen leta hai
Khair chhode.!
Meri to sirf Muskurahat thi.


Best emotional Shayari in Urdu written-Heart Touching
Heart Touching Deep Line Urdu

ہم بہت خاص تھے
یہ اُنکے الفاظ تھے


Hum Bahut Khas The
Yah Unke Alfaaz The.

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