Har Mard ke Sath Sone Ki Khwahish - Haqeeqat Urdu Quotes 2022

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Life is created without any direct effort, everyone has to fight for it and in this lonely journey of life, the desire of some human beings about seeking help from others is also created. Life becomes real when you understand that there is someone in this world who helps you from beginning to end. 
Many people think that a man without a woman is a weak man and does not have any special meaning in his life, but he wants to live happily with them. 

There are a few examples of very famous Urdu quotes which are written by male Urdu poets and intellectuals, we can read these famous images directly but some heart-touching images are loved by many female Urdu images. Life is incomplete if there is no one besides you to make your life more beautiful and complete.

But nowadays a woman is kept only within the limits of her body like a used toy is thrown away by playing, the woman should be respected, a woman does not mean lover, a woman is a mother and sister is everything. Women should be respected, no matter who they are with you in any relationship.

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Har Mard ke Sath Sone Ki Khwahish - Haqeeqat Urdu Quotes About Woban
Haqeeqat Urdu Quotes

عورت کے اندر ہر مرد کے ساتھ سونے کی خواہش نہیں جاگتی
اور جس کے ساتھ سونے کی طلب جاگے پھر کسی اور کا سایہ بھی 
اپنے وجود کی آس پاس برداشت نہیں کرسکتے
ایسے میں اگر ان چاہا انسان زندگی اور وجود پر آکر قابل ہو جائے 
تو لڑکی زندہ لاش بن جاتی ہے تمہیں پتا ہے گھٹن زدہ انسانوں کی اس بستی میں 
.ہر دوسری عورت لاش ہے

Best Saying In Roman Urdu Quote About Woman - Girls Reality

Aurat ke andar Har mard ke sath sone ki Khwaish Nahin Hoti
Aur Jis Ke Sath sone ki Talab Jage
FIR Kisi Aur Ka Saya Bhi Apne Wajood ke aaspaas Bardash nahin kar sakti
Ase Main Agar an chaha Insan Zindagi Aur Wajud per Aakar kabaz ho jaaye
Tu Ladki Jinda Lash Ban Jaati Hai
Tumhen pata hai Gotan Jyada Insano Ki Basti Mein
Har dusri aurat lash Hain.

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