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Are you looking for some Gareeb Shayari in Urdu? Then this is the right place. A collection of some Gareeb Shayari on poverty, poverty line, and poor class in the Urdu language. Read and enjoy these Shayari poets on Gareeb Class and Poverty.

The Best Poor Person Poetry On Poverty In Urdu

Being poor is the most tragic situation in which someone can be and the condition related to it cannot be hidden. Being poor does not only mean that you are unable to fulfill your basic needs but it also affects the way you think about yourself, about others as well as life in general. 

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The poetry of Gareeb is unique poetry because of the reflection of a usual day in the life of poor people, the feelings and pain they experience while living with poverty on a daily basis, and their psychological and emotional state.

Gareeb Shayari In Urdu - Poor Person Poetry On Poverty In Urdu 2024
Gareeb Shayari In Urdu

Garib ki madad kiya karo
Kyon Ke hone Mein Waqt Nahin Lagta.

غریبوں کی مدد کیا کرو
کیونکہ ہونے میں وقت نہیں لگتا


best Poor Person Poetry On Poverty In Urdu  2024
Poor Person Poetry Urdu

Mere Aas Paas ki Muflsi Mere muzra
Tera Intezaar Main Apne Ghar Nahin kar sakta.

میری آس پاس کی مفلسی میری معذرت
تیرا انتظام میں اپنے گھر نہیں کر سکا

A few cheers for the poor people in our lives. Whether it be for the person who can't afford a toy for his/her child on their birthday or the old granny who never gets to go out because she can't afford to buy new clothes, or even just a family that lives in a distant village and works day and night to ensure they can make ends meet. This post is a shoutout to all of them.

Best Poor Person Poetry On Poverty In Urdu 2024
Poverty Poetry In Urdu

Aansu baha baha Ky Bhi Hote Nahin kam Sahib
Kitni Amir Hoti Hai Aankhen Garib ki.

آنسو بہا بہا کہ بھی ہوتے نہیں کم صاحب
کتنی امیر ہوتی ہیں آنکھیں غریب کی

Gareeb Shayari In Urdu - dp poetry Images 2024
2-Line Gareeb Poetry Urdu

Bade Ghar per a rahi hai bahut Jamane Tak
Koshika ji Nahin Lagta Hai Garib khane mein.

بڑے گھر میں رہی ہے بہت زمانے تک
خوشی کا جی نہیں لگتا غریب خانے میں

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