Best Friends Dost-shayari in Urdu Images SMS

Friends Dosti Shayari in Urdu Images SMS

Dosti is a relationship between two individuals or groups. This word is derived from Urdu meaning friendship. A true friend is one whom we trust and who supports us in our times of need. In this Urdu poetry collection, you will find some of the best Dosti Poetry for Urdu-speaking people who want to show their feelings for their friends. Here you can find a collection of many Dosti Shayari in Urdu.

The Best 2 Lines Dosti Shayari in Urdu

It is always beautiful to have the best buddy with whom we can share our happiness and sorrows. We can trust them and they can trust us too. Friendship is really a very valuable thing in our life and if you want to express your feelings towards your friend then this Urdu Quote is just for you. 

A true friend is more than a companion with whom one chats and spends time, it is someone who understands you as an individual and encourages you to grow your inner personality.

Amazing 2 lines Friends Dosti Shayari in Urdu
Dosti Shayari in Urdu

Tere Sab Se Bare Dushman Tere Bure Hamnasheen Hain.

 تیرا سب سے بڑا دشمن  تیرا برا ہم نشیں ہے

Very Sad Friends Dosti Shayari in Urdu
Friendship Poetry

Naraz Hone K Khyal Se Haq Baat Dost Ko Na Batana Haqe Dosti Nahi.

 ناراض ہونے کے خیال سے حق کے بات دوستوں کو نہ بتانا حق دوستی نہیں

Best Friends Dosti Shayari in Urdu
Dosti Urdu Poetry

Dunya Main Agar Koi Dozakh Hai Tou Wo Nadan Ki Dosti Hai.

 دنیا میں اگر کوئی دوزخ ہے تو وہ نادان کی دوستی ہیں

2 lines Friends Dosti Shayari in Urdu images
Sad Friends Poetry

Jiska Ghusa Zada Hai Usk Dost Kam Hain.

 جس کا غصہ زیادہ ہے اس کے دوست کم ہیں

Friends Dosti Shayari in Urdu pics
Best Friend

Jo Apno K Sath Wafa Nahi Karta. 
Aqalmando K Nazdeek Dosti K Qabil Nahi.

 جو اپنے ساتھ وفا نہیں کرتا
 عقل مندوں کے نزدیک دوستی کے قابل نہیں

Friends are the only treasure of life. Make friends and spend your whole life happily. Share these quotes with your friends if they are your true friends. I hope you enjoyed this post on friendship in Urdu. Share it with others
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