Faiz Ahmed Faiz - Lambi Hai Gham Ki Shaam - Poetry Image

Faiz Ahmed Faiz )is a great Urdu poet of Pakistan. Faiz often recited his timeless poetry and gave public performances.  He compiled some of his poems and published them in a book with the title Naqsh-e-Faryadi. They capture such themes as love, revolution, social injustice, poverty, and tyranny. 

Although he received the Lenin Peace Prize and the Lenin Prize, Faiz's work remains largely unknown outside South Asia. If you like to read his works, you can find all his books online and here we have put together the best poetry for you, which you can download and copy. Send it to your friends if you like it.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz  Famous Ghazal Poetry In Urdu

Faiz Ahmed Faiz - Lambi Hai Gham Ki Shaam - Poetry Image 2022 - Download Image
 Lambi Hai Gham

 دل ناامید تو نہیں ناکام ہی تو ہے
 لمبی ہے غم کی شام مگر شام ہی تو ہے

Dil Na Umeed To Nahin nakam Hi To Hai
Lambi Hai Gham ki shaam Magar Shaam Hi To Hai.

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