Faiz Ahmad Faiz Sad Poetry in Urdu images - Text SMS Copy-Paste

Best Faiz Ahmad Faiz Sad Poetry in Urdu images

Were you looking for such great poetry Urdu pictures, Faiz Ahmed Faiz's beautiful Urdu sad and loving poetry in two lines share it with your friends so that such poems can be delivered to those who like, this Urdu poetry collection I include these words, pain, separation, loneliness, shame, etc 

Sad Poetry Images Faiz Ahmad Faiz And Copy Text SMS

Faiz Ahmad Faiz Sad Poetry in Urdu images
Sad Poetry Faiz Ahmad Faiz

اپنی مشق ستم سے ہاتھ نہ کھینچ
میں نہیں یا وفا نہیں باقی

Apni moshque Sitam se hath na Khanch
Main Nahin Ya wafa Nahin Baki.


Best 2 lines Faiz Ahmad Faiz Sad Poetry in Urdu images
Faiz Ahmad Faiz Shayari

رات مہکی ہوئی آتی ہے کہیں سے پوچھو
آج بکھرائے ہوئے زلف ترحدار ہیں

Best Two Lines Shayari In Urdu SMS Copy

Raat Mahki Howi Aati Hai Kahin Se Poochho
Aaj bikhre hue Zulf Tarhdar hain.

Faiz Ahmad Faiz poetry 2 Line In Urdu Images Download 2022
Faiz Ahmad Faiz Poetry 2 Line

 جاؤاب سو رہو ستارو
 درد کی رات ڈھل چلی ہے

Sad Poetry Faiz Ahmad Faiz Copy-Paste

Jao Ab So Raho Sitaro
Dard Ki Raat Dhal Chali Hai.

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