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2 Lines Dushman Poetry Urdu Dost and Dushman Poetry 2024

(Dushman And Dost) The poetry of enmity and friendship is presented to you in a very beautiful way on this site, this poetry is to be used by both friend and foe It can go to any level to harm it, and there are some rules for breeding animosity. You should go. 

We are just uploading poetry here, as the enemy should not be a small vessel or a weak man. Human beings should be hostile. For enmity, one should choose a person who is more powerful than oneself. Enmity is a humorous thing. Answer: The enemy is powerful. Enmity is limited only to power

Nowadays, people become friends and do hostile things. They offer you a very good face and after you leave, they start doing your will. Such friends are worse than enemies. Avoid such people. 
Let them do even more dangerous things than enemies. For more such poetry keep coming to our website. Here we upload a lot of poetry every day. 

Friend Enemy Unfaithful Lonely on every topic. All are uploaded to our website. Be sure to share this with your friends. Thanks for coming. Read and download all the poetry below

Dost And Dushman Shayari Images And Roman Urdu Text SMS Copy

Dosti and Dushmani are two of the most complex human relationships, and expressing one's feelings towards them can be difficult. However, Shayari can be the perfect tool to communicate your emotions in a poetic and beautiful manner. In this article, we will explore some of the best Dosti Dushmani Shayari in Urdu, including dushman ko jalane wali shayari, dushmani quotes, apne hi dushman shayari, and two-line dushman Shayari.

dushman poetry urdu, dost and dushman poetry
Dost and Dushman Poetry 2024

 مایوسی کی سب سے بڑی وجہ
 کم ظرف سے دوستی کرنا

Dushman Urdu Poetry Copy-Paste

Mayusi Ki Sabse Badi Bajar
Kamzarf se dosti karna.

apne dushman poetry images 2024
Apne Dushman poetry

 دوست آپ ہر کسی کو بنا سکتے ہیں
 لیکن دشمنی میں یہ سہولت میسر نہیں

2 Lines Dost And Dost Shayari Text SMS

Dost aap Har Kisi Ko bana sakte hain
Lekin Dushmani Mein yah sahulat mayassar Nahin۔


Dosti dushmani shayari urdu, friendship
Dushman Shayari in Urdu

 آپ کی کامیابی کی خبر
 سب سے پہلے دشمن کو ہی ملتی ہیں

Best 2-line Dushman Shayari in Urdu  Copy

Aap ki kamyabi ki khabar
Sabse pahle Dushman ko hi milati hai.

kamyabi or Dushman - Dost
Dost Bana lo

 اگر دشمن کو ہرانا ہے تو
  دوست بنالو

2 Lines Dost And Dushman Copy-Clipboard


Agar Dushman Ko harana Hai To
Dost Bana Lo.

Dushman and Dost poetry Urdu is a form of poetry that is passed on from generation to generation through word of mouth, Reading Dushman and Dost poetry in Urdu can make your day.

Tanhai Attitude Shayari - Dushman Or Dost
Kamyabi Mein Dushman

 آپ خود کو تنہا نہ سمجھیں
 کامیابی میں دشمن
 اور ناکامی میں دوست ساتھ رہتے ہیں

Dushman poetry in Urdu Sms

Aap Khud Ko Tanha Na Samjhe
kamyabi Mein Dushman
Aur na Kami mere dost Sath rahte hain.

Traki Shayari - Dushman Jan Ka
Tow Lines Urdu Dushman Poetry

 سنو دوست جب لوگ تمہارے پیچھے پڑ گئے ہیں تو سمجھو تم ان سے آگے ہو
 صحیح معنی میں یہی ترقی کی اصلی نشانی  ہے
 دشمن تو آتے جاتے رہتے ہیں
 زندگی دوستوں سے ناپی جاتی ہے اور ترقی دشمنوں سے

Dost Urdu Poetry SMS And Images Download

Suno dost, Jab log Tumhare Piche pad gaye hain to Samjho Tum in Se  aage ho
Sahi mainaa Mein Yahi Tarki Ki asali Nishani Hai
Dushman to Aate Jaate Rehte Hain
Zindagi Doston Se naapi jaati hai aur tarkki dushmanon se.

2 Lines Seccus Poetry In Urdu Image
best Dushman Shayari

 جب دشمن تمہارے پیچھے ہاتھ دھو کر پڑ جائیں
 تو سمجھو تم ترقی کی بلندیوں پر ہوں

Dost Bana Dushman Shayari in Urdu

Jab Dushman Tumhare Piche Hath dho-kar Pad Jaaye
To Samjho Tum  tarkki ki bulandiyo per Ho.

Dushmani Shayari In Urdu 2024
Dushmani Shayari In Urdu

 اگر آپ کے بہت سارے دشمن ہیں
 اور آپ کو ایک عرصے سے کوئی نقصان بھی نہ پہنچا ہو
 اس کا مطلب یہ ہے کہ آپ طاقتور ہونے کے ساتھ ذہین بھی ہو

Dushman Shayari Urdu text copy-paste

Agar aapki bahut Sare Dushman hai
Aur aapko Ek acche se koi nuksan bhi na pahuncha Ho
Iska matlab hai ki aap Taqatwar hone ke sath Zahan Bhi Ho.

Dost And Dushman Urdu Shayari Image Dp - Attitude
Dost And Dushman Shayari Urdu

 دوست اور دشمن کے بیج آپ چراغ کے مانند ہو
 دوست جلانے کی کوشش میں رہتا ہے
 اور دشمن بجھانے کی جستجو میں رہتا ہے

Best Urdu Dost Or Dushman Shayari SMS Copy

Dost aur Dushman ke beech aap Chura Ke manid ho
Dost jalane ki koshish mein rahata hai
Aur Dushman bujanai ki justuju mein rahata hai.

2 lines anime Urdu Poetry Images collection
2 lines Dushman Or Dost

 دشمن کو دوست کی نظر سے
 اور دوست کو دشمن کی نظر سے دیکھنا
 آپ کی کمزوری کا پہلا سفر ہے

Best SMS Copy Paste In Urdu 

Dushman ka dost ki Nazar se
Aur dost ko Dushman ki Najar se dekhna
Aapki kamzori Ka pahla Safar Hai.

Dushman Urdu Shayari Images 2024 - kamyabi ki shayari in urdu text
Dushman Urdu Shayari

 دشمن صرف کامیاب لوگوں کے ہوتے ہیں
 ناکام لوگوں کے تو دوست بھی نہیں ہوتے

Dushman Urdu Poetry SMS Copy-Paste

Dushman Sirf Kamyab Logon ke Hote Hain
Nakam Logon ke to dost bhi nahin Hote.

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