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Munafiqat  Or Dhoka Urdu poetry - Hypocritical poetry in Urdu

The poetry of deception and hypocrisy is a kind of future. This poetry reflects the problems of human beings and offers solutions to them in a poetic way. The real purpose of the poetry of (Zauq-taste) Hypocrisy is to solve the present problems, only then can mankind grow like a garden.

Betrayal and hypocrisy are not a big deal. It happens in the majority. Betrayal in love, betrayal in friendship, betrayal in business, betrayal in a relationship, there are many types of betrayal and there are many names of cheaters. Which is described below.

If a loved one or friend of yours has cheated on you, you will find poetry that we can put on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram Caption, and Instagram status to make you aware of what you have done to me. Realize that man was not a deceiver, but he must have been compelled to do the same with you.

If someone understands before you are harmed, you should forgive them. Forgiveness is also a big deal, but you should beware of fraudsters.

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Dhoka Munafiqat Urdu Shayari And Text SMS Copy-Paste

What are hypocrisy and deception?

I think it originally came from the Arabic word "hypocrite", which translates to "hypocrite" in English. The term originated as a negative term before it was chosen by our society at the time.

Who is a hypocrite?

A friend who is apparently an enemy inwardly, an outward believer in deceiving his friend, a man with malice in his heart, a hypocrite, a deceiver, a deceiver, all these names belong to the same hypocrite, man.

Dhoka Munafiqat Shayari

Hypocrisy, Cheating, and Fraud is all about a man. Very wonderful poetry in Urdu which you will be happy to read but will also send to your friends. You can also download and copy the pictures of hypocritical poetry...

Dhoka Munafiqat poetry - Hypocritical poetry in Urdu 2024
Hypocritical poetry

 یوں تووہ مجھے دعا بھی دیتی ہے
 ساتھ " ع" پہ نقطہ بھی لگا دیتی ہیں

Yon-Tu Mujhe Dua bhi Deti Hai
Sath "ein" pay nukta bhi Laga Dete Hain.

Munafiq Aur Badtameez ka Farq Urdu Poetry 2022

munafiq jhooty log poetry in urdu - shayari in 2024 download
Munafiq log poetry in Urdu

منافق اور بدتمیز کا فرق کیا جائے تو
 بدتمیز اتنا خطرناک نہیں جتناکہ منافق

Munafiq aur Badtameez ka Farq kiya jaaye to
Badtameez Itna Khatarnak Nahin Hota Jitna ke munafiq.

Jo Doge Wahi Laut Kar Aayega Hypocritical Shayari Image 2023

dhoka poetry in urdu copy paste - izzat urdu poetry image
Dhoka Poetry

جو دو گے وہی لوٹ کر آئے گا
 وہ عزت ہو چاہے دھو کا

Jo Doge wahi Laut kar aayega
Woh Izzat Ho Chahe Dhoka.

Yeh Duniya Ek Tamasha Urdu Shayari Picture And SMS Copy


pyar me dhoka shayari in urdu - Hapocritical in urdu
Dhoka Shayari in Urdu

یہ دنیا ایک تماشہ ہے
 کوئی آزماتا ہے
 کوئی دھوکا دے جاتا ہے
 تو کوئی دھوکا کھاتا ہے

Yah Duniya Ek Tamasha hai
Koi  Aazmata hai
Koi Dhokha De jata hai
Tu Koi Dhokha khata hai.

 Raghu Mein Daudte Wafa  Best Poetry Image Text

baghawat poetry in urdu image 2024 download And Copy-paste
Baghawat Poetry in Urdu

اس سفر میں دھوکا تو ہم بھی دے سکتے تھے
 مگر رگوں میں دوڑتی وفا سے بغاوت نہیں ہوتی

Is safar mein Dhoka To Ham bhi de sakte tha
Magar Raghu mein daudte wafa se Bagawat Nahin Hoti.

Ghadar Doston Ki Wafadari Urdu Poetry Image

dost bana dushman shayari in urdu -Hypocritical friend enmity
Hypocritical Friend Enmity

دشمن کی پرواہ نہیں مجھے
 غدار دوستوں کی وفاداری سے ڈرتا ہوں

Dushmani Ki Parwah nahin mujhe
Ghadar Doston Ki wafadari Se Darta hun.

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Manafat poetry is considered one of the best literary works of any one of the writers of Pakistan. Hypocritical poetry is lively and uses literal and vernacular language in its expressions.

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